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Discover the industry’s leading accountant SMSF solution

Are you looking to offer an SMSF accounting package for your clients? Or do you want to extend your SMSF accounting services beyond what you already offer? SMSF Advice ensures accountants and specialists in self-managed super funds have the ability, the capability and the confidence to provide the best possible SMSF advice to clients.


Transition to Licensing

Our industry leading Transition to Licensing program offers the full training and accreditation required to become a fully licensed SMSF specialist and get your accounting business ready to provide strategic SMSF advice.

Our SMSF licence program covers the soft and hard skills you need, plus practical advice and guidance on how to make it all work within your accounting business.

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Your SMSF licence options

SMSF Advice has developed solutions that address the specific licensing needs of accountants who currently provide or want to provide SMSF accounting services. We offer three levels of authority to suit your business needs:

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Your SMSF advice support

As part of the AMP Group, we have access to a broad range of licensee support services that are continually updated and market tested.

From accreditation to para-planning to managing your client base, we have the solutions to help you grow.

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